Gatherings Pittsburgh... A relaxed way to meet new friends in the Pittsburgh Area.
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  Frequently Asked Questions Our mission is to help single people meet other singles in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!  
Are you single? Over 40? Do you want to make new friends and increase your social life? Try Gatherings. It’s “a relaxed way to meet new friends” in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Gatherings events include Monthly Breakfast Club, Monthly Movie/Dinner Night, Walks, Bowling, Happy Hours and an occasional culture event like a play. We are also interested in new ideas, so pass them along.

Gatherings Movie/Dinner Night is held Monthly at various restaurants in the Southside Works, Movies are only $6.00 on Monday nights.

Why wait, join Gatherings today. Fill out the registration form, the cost is only $25.00 per year! This will be the best $25.00 you ever spent, if you are not sure, ask one of the more than 1000 members since Gatherings has been in business since 2001.

Just ask a few friends if they ever heard of Gatherings, and you will be surprised what you hear.

Even my webmaster told me a funny story of a friend of his Mother’s that said, “I love the Gatherings Events.”

Your humble Irish yenta,


Contact us at Gatherings:
P.O. Box 2 -- Glenshaw, PA 15116
Phone (724) 553-3119

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